Jupiter Academy of Music

Schedule of Classes


Class piano is suggested for beginning students kindergarten through second grade. Experience has shown that the group environment is a psychologically sound atmosphere for the younger child and promotes a broader understanding, increased motivation, and frequent performance opportunities - not to mention the fun of learning with others. As the student progresses, private lessons are suggested in conjunction with periodic group lessons for theory and performance. 

Piano is also offered for the adult student.

voice lessons

The students are taught both proper singing technique and a variety of song styles.  Students will learn correct breathing technique, diction, vowel production, tone quality and how to expressively perform a song.  It is important for the student to have a well-rounded repertoire of songs.  Students will learn broadway, folk, pop, opera and art songs.  The age of eight is recommended as the youngest age for private vocal lessons.  Any person desiring to receive private voice lessons before the age of eight will be interviewed by the voice instructor.

group piano

Group Piano classes are small. Each student has the use of an electronic Digital piano. Pianos can play “silently” or “aloud” for group ensemble playing. Students will also enjoy Game Time, a wonderful way to teach & reinforce theory skills! Piano classes are 45 long. Piano classes prove that children enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced. Students are grouped according to AGE and ABILITY. Parents may attend class recitals.

Students are taught using THE MAYRON COLE PIANO METHOD, The Country’s leading Group Piano Method.

suzuki violin program

This program is based on the Talent Education approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki as defined in his book,  Nurtured by Love. The parent, child and teacher form a three-way bond in creating an environment that enables the child to learn a musical instrument as he learned his native language.  Mrs. Cynthia Hinkelman, the Academy’s Suzuki teacher, believes that each child is capable of wonderful possibilitiesand can learn to play an instrument musically and produce a beautiful sound. Playing an instrumentprovides a tremendous sense ofaccomplishment as an expression of confidence and inner beauty.


Experienced instructor offering various styles from Blues, Pop, Standards, Jazz, Bluegrass Flatpicking, and Country.  Students will learn about chord construction, Rhythm and Techniques and to acquire the basic fundamentals of playing songs.  Music theory is emphasized to provide the student with opportunities to advance and improvise.  Both electric and acoustic instruction is available.  Instruction is available for Beginners to Advanced students.




computer music theory

Computer programs in theory are utilized with private piano and string students to reinforce important musical concepts.